I have got something interesting for engineers who are passionate in experiencing Flight Simulation. I built my own version of it using micro controller, switches, pipes and woods. I used the resources which are cheap and immediately available to me.

I ensured the design and function of the yokes are at-most similar to the one in the real aircraft. I have also added Mode control panel for the fly by wire experience. The simulation software I used is .

Some of the construction pics:

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Concept 1 — Byte overflow

We engineers knew that computers does all it’s manipulations just with 0’s and 1’s. We call this is 0’s and 1’s representation as binary (base 2). In programming we do need to consider about the memory and time that will be consumed by our code to perform it’s operation as the input grows. Whenever we declare a variable with any primitive data types, we should also consider it’s range meaning the values it could store in memory.

Here is the code snippet which explains the overflow concept:

Checkout this video for better understanding of how the data are stored in memory.

😃 😃 Thank you.

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Part 2

Before going through this article it is highly recommended to go through of this series.

Anonymous functions

acceptValue(fun(x: Int) {
println(x) // 100 will be printed here
fun acceptValue(block: (i: Int) -> Unit) {

Interface extending function type

val dynamic = object : CustomFunctionType {
override fun invoke() {
fun doSomethingNormal(block: () -> Unit) {

Assigning HOF to a variable

fun doSum(i: Int, j: Int): Int {
return i + j
val sum : (Int, Int) -> Int = ::doSum

Basic Lambda

fun doSomethingWithLambda(block : () -> Unit) {…

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Part 1

Just snippets

Extension function:

fun String.toPrefixDollar(): String {
return "$$this"


val amount = "100".toPrefixDollar()



fun doSomething(block: () -> Unit) {


doSomething {
println("Hello, I am the block sent to lambda")
// or
fun block() {
println("Hello, I am the block sent to lambda")


fun doSomethingAndPrintResult(block: () -> Int) {
val result = block() * 2 // its provide multiple of 2


doSomethingAndPrintResult {


fun doSomethingAndReturnResult(block: () -> Int) : Int {
val result = block() * 2…

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Developer with an experience in Kotlin programming language has also as an advantage of building the backend services. This feasibility by the Kotlin helps any Android developers to look into this and enhance their skill further in building apps that connects with backend. In today’s article I will be explaining about the topics which I would be covering in the upcoming articles of this series with the examples.

Microservices & Serverless

I just want make a note that microservices which is an architectural approach whose purpose is to break down the large application into small services. …


Bash Shell Commands


Here ~ denotes you are in home directory and $ represents you are a standard user meaning your permissions to perform operations in the system are limited. If you need to full control then you have to switch to root user.

To check which shell we are in:

echo $SHELL

To list folders/files in the current directory:


To see list of files of other directory:

ls /Documents
ls /Downloads

To list all files in the current directory (even hidden files):

ls -a

To list all files in the current directory (even hidden files) with their permission:

ls -al


Hello everyone. It’s been quite long since I started sharing my knowledge on technical stuffs which also happens to be my major part of work at Fidisys Technologies. Today I want to share few interesting talks which I came across the web few months back. I have been relating all those talks given by famous speakers who are also successful today in their business and personal growth.

The couple of talks which I am gonna share here are the one’s which I could relate to one another that targets on one single idea. The talk about Bending Reality from Mr.Vishen…

Final (Part-3)


In the final article of this android storage & file storage series we will be learning about the scoped storage benefits. In order to have basic knowledge about the file storage in android, I would recommend you to go through and of this series. Scoped storage was introduced in android 10 and the developers were given choice to opt out this feature until they make changes to support this feature in their app. But starting from android 11 it is compulsory that your app works with scoped storage.

Key Features

  1. Unrestricted access for an app to access its…

Part 2 — Experimentation of Part 1


In the last article we have gone through the basics of file storage in android and how an app is provided with few API’s to save its file in its respective directories. Please take a look at of this series so that you don’t miss the track. In today’s article we shall experiment what we have learnt in the previous article.

List of Experiments

  1. Saving file in app files directory
  2. Saving file in app’s external files directory
  3. File Provider API — Securely share your app files to external system via content URI.

Experiment 1

In both first and second experiments we don’t have…

Part-1 File storage basics


Android is bringing in lot of improvements in accessing the device storage for Read/Write operations. It’s all started when it introduced runtime Permissions, where an app must ask for user’s permissions for accessing any kind of shared storage data in the device. From then on android imposes lot of strict measures in accessing the data from the device only if the app really needs those data for performing its work.

Storage in android system is classified as follows:

  1. App-specific storage
  2. Shared storage
  3. Preferences
  4. Database

To understand the reason for introducing scoped storage in android, we need to have some basic…


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